The GB Home Guard Band has an extensive library containing a full repertoire of military band music. As a result it is able to perform a very wide selection of music  and can and produce a programme to suit any occasion. The programme below was performed at our showcase concert on 25th January 2015 and  was,in the main, a tribute to our armed forces.

The Band's usual instrumentation for concert performances is 21-25 musicians. However,  smaller ensembles can be provided, for instance an 11 piece military band,  woodwind and brass quintets and an oompha (Bavarian) band. In fact if you require vintage live music we can probably supply it, or put you in contact with musicians who can.

                                                        The  National Anthem
Selection                           The Army, The Navy and the Air Force                                                 
March feature                    Marching Songs of WWII                                                                           
Trombone Solo                 The Acrobat                                                                                                  
Atkins’ Farewell                A  First World  War tribute                                               

Overture                            Lustspiel                                                                                                     
Solo piper                          Richard Dawson salutes Robbie Burns                                                
Selection -                         Glenn Miller favorites  featuring soloists                                               
Our Vera -                          Glynis Kester-Page, our vocalist pays tribute to Vera Lynn              
March-                                Dad’s Army                                                                                                    
Encore-                              The Dashing White Sergeant

        Most of the above music was arranged by our Bandmaster, Tony Kitcherside